How Does Kim Dao Find Enough Time To Do Everything She Does?

In today’s society, it can be considered as a luxury to have a long break during working hours or even having time to do leisurely activities can be a rare occurrence. Even one is already done with their work in the office, their day still doesn’t end there—doing household chores like cleaning and cooking is still on their to do list as soon as they arrive home. Living in the world we have now can be tiring but there are those who merge their interests and work into one in order to live the life that they have always wanted. Sometimes choosing what kind of occupation you put yourself into is the key to having the time to do everything you want to do in life and more.

Finding Time
We often find people in social media who always post photos, video logs, and blogs about the places that they have traveled to and it sometimes makes people wonder how they have time to do these things. Finding the time to do these types of activities or even taking time off to relax can be difficult at times but is not impossible. We are human and we do need to power down or relax after a long time of working because our physical and mental state tells us to, it is also beneficial due to how refreshed one feels after doing so. There are those lucky ones who have occupations that lets them do what they love to do, like travel vlogers, YouTubers, and the like, whose work is to share their experiences with their audience and interact with them.

Kim Dao Doing What She Loves
One mentionable social media figure is Kim Dao, she is a blogger/ YouTuber who shares about her travels, daily life, and her passion for fashion. It is often a question as to how she does everything despite her busy schedule but we can assume that she does take time to do what she loves like creating vlogs, tutorials, and the like. She does promote cosmetic products and was even featured in news articles and magazines.