Bravo Paintball Helmets: Why They’re So Good

If you are one of the few people who are into extreme outdoor shooting game like paintball, you’d surely want to have a protective gear that will defend and shield you from and possible harm. And it would only be fair and justified to concern to finding the best paintball gear.

There are numerous helmet designs you can choose from in the market. It may also come with added features and security for added protection. However, among the many designs that you can choose from, the Bravo Helmet is considered to be the best of them all.

Features of the Bravo Helmet:
This kind of design is rendered to be newest design ever to be introduced in the market. It is ideal not only for civilian use but also for military and for law enforcement use. This paintball helmet is further designed with the following specifications:

  • It has proper ventilation
    The thing about paintball masks is that it is not normally designed to give you proper ventilation thus causing you to lack proper air circulation. However, this helmet is designed with ventilation holes located on top of the helmet.
  • It provides guaranteed security
    There are paintball masks that may look okay but when you wear, you would feel uneasy because it is not really well suited to fit in your head causing it to possibly get loosened. On the other hand, this helmet comes with a chinstrap and headlock design guaranteeing you safety as it is held tight and secure on your head.
  • It is durable
    Judging by the look and feel of this helmet, you would be rest assured of its durability. You would not need to worry about getting injured because the features of this helmet are sure to give you the needed protection for your favorite game sport.