How Much Food Can You Cook In A Sous Vide Machine?

It is so easy to forget about the roasting, boiling, grilling or otherwise fixing a meal for that matter. Even though you feel you are still up on the game, a couple of minutes can already mean a great difference between having a delicious medium rare stake and an overcooked product that no one would dare eat. That is why everyone has this hidden wish for some kind of product that can help in the cooking and prevent the food we are preparing from getting overcooked. A sous Vive Machine is now the latest addition and can help most cook in that aspect.

What is a Sous Vibe Machine?
A sous vibe machine is a cooking method that allows food initially placed in a plastic pouch or some glass jar to be heated up through heat transfer from the boiled water. The effect is a very even cooking which is very ideal and are being used by many. It was originally meant to cook dry potatoes but was tested using roast meat.

How much food can be cooked in this machine?
The great thing about this machine is that it can cook different kinds of food at one time like a breast chicken, steak or salmon. The reason for this is that this can be packed in different containers and dipped inside the water bath, here check the list. But to answer the question as to the volume of food that can be cooked depends on the size of the container used. In a well-insulated and covered container you can put in 10 gallons of water or equivalent to 40 liters. In a covered pot it can heat about 5 gallons of water equal to 20 liters. But if you are cooking without a cover, you will only have around 2.5 gallons or 10 liters.

Final Thought
The good thing about this type of cooking is that you can do so many dishes at the same time reducing your cooking time in the process and allowing you to have more time to do other things.